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Hi all, After going through the comments on[site community profile] dw_biz, i have come up with the following proposed client in regard to my previous post on the functionality of the client.GSoC2010 : Desktop Clien

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today i wrote my first twitter client. though it was just a command-line c program which would ask you for username and password and then the text pass it on to twitter api. but anyway its a good start :) !! that was easier than i thought it would be :) !!
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hi, i am a student in india ... i want to work on developing live journal desktop client , specifically for linux(ubuntu)

i would like to start with creating a application which would perform a basic task of just updating/posting on the website .. preferably  starting with creating a UI which asks for the user authentication and then when accepted allows the user to create a new blog entry and post it on the site, then proceed by adding more features like viewing friends, friend's post , commenting ... !! 

i would require initial help and documentation as to understand the protocols in depth.... 
thank you for advance for the documentation and suggestions ( critical remarks as well)

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Registered myself for GSoC as required ..... i am a more of microblogging kind of a guy ... so writing a blog is very new to me ... i hope i can be productive in blogging as well as the projects :)


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